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Trying to be productive while taking care of your littles, running a household and on top of that…working from home?! I know I know, it can be overwhelming and stressful but I’m here to help you through it! I have some great info on Time Blocking and how it CAN work for the busy stay at home mom…or work from home mom, or mom, or ANYONE!  But because I’m a stay at home MOMpreneur I’m going to stick with this and let you know how I make it WORK for me.

Now as you know I have a little guy at home and am currently prego with baby #2, exciting time! I absolutely believe that working on my productivity and making Time Blocking a habit before baby girl arrives, the better my chances are of not going absolutely insane once I’m home from the hospital and on my own with two littles. One can dare to dream right?

So let’s just jump right in! Take a look at my Time Blocks for Week 1 of 2017. I created this mid December with high hopes.

Here’s a look at my Time Blocking in Week 1 of January everything is color coded. My fitness challenge group starts this week so I have reminders (in red for work) to check in with my challengers. Doctors appointments for my son (notice his little “Weigh In” ?) and this week I’ll be starting my 32nd Week of Pregnancy ?! Penciled in captions are “Time for Joaquin” of course I’m a mommy first so my entire Time Blocking schedule could get thrown off at any given moment and since I work from home he’s always the priority but the penciled in slots are times where we can do whatever we want!


As you can see I use a lot of different colors. These colors are my lifeline. I see the color, I know what they mean and it helps me focus. I place a legend in the back of my Start Planner but honestly I don’t even have to look at it anymore I just know – I definitely suggest having a legend to start off until you get familiar with your color codes. More tips on Time Blocking for the Stay At Home Mom ➡️   here.

Since switching from a daily planner to a weekly layout one thing I realized was that I wasn’t going to have as much room to note any changes I’ve made in the blocks. Previously I was time blocking on the left and using pencil on the right to jot down what I actually did during those times (if they changed) so now it was time to put some of these fun stickers and planner accessories to work. I realized that one of my sets from Target had these colorful little tabs and guess what…each one covered a 2 hour time block – cut it in half and I have coverage for a 1 hour time block! It’s like the universe was on my side ?  . Now why not just white out what I’m scheduled to do and write over it? Well, I do this because I want to keep track of my intended plans, know what got skipped over (and why) and then I can move it over and make sure I get it done at another time.

Now let’s take a look at what my week ACTUALLY ended up looking like once it was all over!

Time Blocking for the Stay At Home Mom
When real life kicks in!


See the difference? Some things I want to share with you about Week 1 of 2017.

  1. We had a huge snow storm and my step son and my husband were both home most of the week which threw a huge wrench into “plans”.
  2. My son didn’t get his naps because of the noise level in the house so he was awake a lot more than usual.
  3. I woke up in the middle of the night Tuesday with unbearable pain my knee and then again an hour later in my calf. So I took it easy with no workouts for the rest of the week.
  4. The pain in my right calf didn’t go away so when I called my doctors office (32 Weeks Pregnant at this point) on Friday morning they had me go in right away to examine my leg and then I was sent to the hospital for an ultrasound to rule out blood clots. Scary day and thankfully NO blood clots. But of course this meant my entire Friday was wiped away.
Time Blocking for the Stay At Home Mom
Here’s a better look at Sunday through Tuesday of Week 1. My hubby was off this Monday and I generally don’t like to Time Block when he’s home because one of the perks of being your own boss is clearing your schedule and making family time a priority!
Another close up. This is Wednesday – Saturday. A little messy…still productive and of course lots of fun on Friday with a day spent at the doctor and a quick trip to the hospital!


How did all of this impact my productivity and time blocking? Well…it had a pretty BIG impact but hey, that’s life! It doesn’t always go as planned and you have to know that when you’re Time Blocking for the Stay At Home Mom things are going to get moved around, things are going to wiped away and it’s not going to be perfect. That’s OK! Even with this crazy chaotic week that did not turn out as planned at all, I was still productive because I HAD A PLAN! Things didn’t go according to plan BUT the results were the same and the important things got done.

What didn’t I get done?

?    No, I didn’t do my bi – weekly house cleaning (I’m totes ok with that lol)

?    I didn’t record a fitness video like I had planned (guess what, my health is more important than forcing a workout!)

?    I didn’t add items to my baby registry (I did that the following week so all good with skipping that)

What did I do?

✅    I worked. My clients saw no change in the quality of work I provided for them and I finished a printable on Time Blocking just for you!

✅    I meal prepped

✅    I made time to read

✅    I kept my house tidy (which also kept me sane!)

✅    Most importantly what I did was… I took care of my son – he’s always my #1 priority and we still did all of his exercises, we played and we had fun!

Free Time Blocking PrintableAnd now for some super awesome news!!!!  I want to help YOU start Time Blocking! I’ve been so much happier now that I am more productive with my time and I want that for you! So here it is, a FREE printable that I created with you in mind. It includes an area to plan your day, an area to write out what you actually did, a color code legend and a place to recap your day and help plan for the next day!


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