Tush Baby Side View Joaquins Life

Tush Baby, How it’s Helping Me Carry My Kiddo with Gross Motor Delay

Mama’s I can’t tell you enough how much I love the Tush Baby ❤️ 🙌🏼

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Joaquin has grown so much in the past year, which is GREAT but he’s definitely getting harder to carry! Because of his gross motor delay, he still relies on me to get him from one place to another. His gait trainer or walker is not always the best, or quickest, solution. Another challenge is that he doesn’t help me carry him, his body gets really loose and he can easily start slipping from me and it’s such a struggle 😞.

We are working so hard on getting him those protective reflexes and he is starting to get better but he’s not there yet. 🤞🏼

The Tush Baby has been such a HUGE help.

Tush Baby Joaquins Life
Sitting so comfortably in the Tush Baby. This does not provide full support so always make sure you are there to provide support. I hold onto the Tush Baby when one of the kiddos is in it. It’s very stable and most of the weight is on the Tush Baby and off of my hand and arm!



The weight capacity is 44 lbs and Joaquin is a little over 30 right now so it can definitely hold him. I wrap it around my waist and he sits comfortably on it, his weight is mostly supported by the Tush Baby and I just make sure my arm is on him or on the Tush Baby.

A couple of other things I love about it:

I can use it for both kiddos! Little sis is almost 2 and although she’s fully mobile she still wants to be carried sometimes.

Even though I’m using it for two different kiddos it only needs to be adjusted to fit me. So much easier than using one carrier for two kids!

Joaquin has hip dysplasia and his orthopedic doctor wants him in this “frog” position as much as possible. Tush Baby keeps him in that position without me having to adjust his legs constantly.

Tush Baby Side View Joaquins Life
Joaquin sitting on the Tush Baby in the frog position! Also, this thing has so many pockets!!!



I have only had the Tush Baby for a couple of weeks and I have used it every day!! We use it in the house transferring him to and from his room, out to the van in the morning for school, and back into the house from the van after school or therapy! Tush Baby also gets used when little sis just wants to be carried, which is often 😂





** I received this product at no cost to review. I never promote products that I don’t believe in and had I not loved this product, I would not have written this blog post. Thank you. 

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