2019 Planner Pack


My 2019 Planner

If you’ve followed me on YouTube, or here on my blog, you’ll know that for the past three years I have been borderline obsessed with my Start Planner #sorrynotsorry

The Start Planner is AH-MAZING! The company is AH-MAZING!


There are a few things that made me come to this decision. Here they are…

  • They changed the format to a Monday start. NOT a deal breaker but I am not a fan of Monday start. I could have dealt with that though…
  • I wasn’t using all of the awesome tools it came with. Start Planner has it all!!! Vision Board, Budgeting, Goals, Projects..I could go on. At the end of the day I wasn’t utilizing ANY of these extras. Again…I might have said so what, it’s gorgeous and I want it anyways! BUT….
  • There is no longer a spiral weekly. Ahhh! No!!! Say it ain’t so!!! Spiral Bound is a MUST for me, I fold my planner over a ton and you just can’t do that with a casebound.

So I came to the sad decision that I just was going to have to find another planner. I was devastated. Ok not so much but I was disappointed!

I was on the hunt. Here’s what I knew I couldn’t live without:

  • Spiral bound weekly. Had to be spiral! Had to be weekly!
  • Weekly vertical layout. I need my week to go from left to right not up and down.

That’s it. Easy Peasy right??? No, not so much. Time Blocking is important to me so I wanted that hourly format and I could not find it anywhere. I looked online, I searched at Target. No luck!!

So we’re closing in on the end of the year and still NO PLANNER. In between meetings one day and no kids with me (ahhh),  I decided to stop in Target to take another look. It was like the stars aligned….I found one!!!

Day Designer: The Strategic Planner and Weekly Agenda for living a well-designed life.

Why I Love It:

  • A vertical weekly format with hour blocks starting at 6 am and ending at 7 pm.
  • Spiral bound…yasssss!
  • I loved the size – 7”x9”
  • 2 pages of stickers!
  • Snap in ruler!
  • 2 color options: Climbing Floral Blush & Floral Navy Matte. (I chose the Blush)
  • It was only $14.99…what?!

What I don’t love:

  • It has a Monday start. Again not a deal breaker but not my preference.
  • The paper is thin, I’m a bit concerned about my Tebow TwinTone pens bleeding though.

Other than that, I feel like this was a HUGE win!!

As a bonus I was able to purchase a couple other items from Emily Ley’s Target line 😍 It’s no secret that I’m a huge Emily Ley fan so I picked up her “This Is My Year” Simplified Wellness Journal ($9.99) which has space to track:

  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Self-Care
  • Water Intake
  • Rest

Also purchased: Emily Ley’s Clipfolio in her signature Stripes design! ($9.99)

So let’s just recap here. I purchased a spiral weekly planner that met my requirements, I purchased a wellness journal & I LOOOOVE clipfolios! For a grand total of $34.99 before taxes. That’s about half of what I would have normally spent.

Now yes I had to give up some things. The quality for one, I feel like Start Planner is TOP OF THE LINE when it comes to quality! I don’t have a budget planner now, no goals section, projects, accountability partners, holiday tracker, vacation planner…but I will be completely honest. I didn’t use any of that! I love that it’s there, I love the idea of having it there but unless you are going to use it…why pay more for it? Could I justify that cost if I’m not using all of those extra tools?

Now the question I’m asking myself: If Start Planner offers a Spiral Weekly next year…will I buy it?
Even knowing that there’s something else out there that give me the bare minimum????

Yes. Yes I will! I love their gorgeous planners, I love the excitement of opening up the box, the ladies who run it, the anticipation while you’re stalking the mail guy. I feel like it’s an experience as well as a product. So yes, I will be back if I see a spiral weekly!

So please take a look at my new Day Designer Planner, I’m so excited I found it! The layout is perfect, the colors are nice, it’s simple and effective! I am really looking forward to taking advantage of it’s compact size and carrying it with me everywhere I go!

Happy Planning,


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