Dip Baby Dip

Alex and I hosted Sunday Night Football this past week and although my Cowboys didn’t win these dips I made were definite winners!   The first dip is a Spinach Artichoke Dip I found on Tasty     By popular demand this dip will make an appearance for our families annual Christmas Eve slumber party! I don’t know about you but artichoke dip sounds hard. I’ve tried making artichokes before and it’s just a hassle so I never thought about trying to make dip, but once I saw this recipe on Tasty I knew I had to try it! So simple and so delicious. You won’t regret making this!   Here’s the recipe straight from the Tasty Facebook Page:   – 12 Frozen Dinner Roll Dough Read More

Halloween Hangover

Not the type of hangover I’m used to but it took me a couple days to recoup after Halloween week! I remember when I was trick or treating age, we got ready the night of Halloween and my Mom drove us around trick or treating. Easy. These days there’s Trunk or Treats just about everywhere, we have to take the kids to see Grandma and Grandpa, multiple Halloween events throughout the week and after all of that you still have to go trick or treating Halloween night. Exhausting.   We started the week off at Still Water Hollow for their annual Harvest Party and wow, so much fun! But one thing I couldn’t figure out…why weren’t there more people there? This event is FREE with any donations going to the Rescue Read More