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Back Off Germs

My stepson is sick, poor guy. We just got back from the doctor and luckily it’s nothing serious but he is running a 101 fever, has a bad cough, vomiting, can’t eat…oh and did I mention he’s contagious? So he’s in bed and I have a grocery list out to Alex on all the things he needs to get: Jello, Childrens Meds, Ginger Ale..all the fun stuff. (Actually jello sounds pretty fun!) He’s being well taken care of and as long as his fever doesn’t get worst, he’ll be just fine. Before Joaquin was born I would have been like “no problem, let me at this sick kid I’ll have it taken care of in no time and so what if I get sick!”…not now! Now Read More

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Mom’s…How Do You Do It?

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I absolutely need to be more organized with my time and space. My hurdles: a 9 month old baby, a 3rd grader, a hubby, 2 cats and 1 dog that are  N E E D Y, oh and we’re all in a pretty small house.   So Mom’s, how do you do it? How do you carve out time to work from home? How do you create work space that won’t get taken over by baby toys and junk mail? Have you created some pretty awesome desk space in a corner of your house or do you leave the house in order to get some work done? I want to know and I want proof! I’m going to Read More

Ultimate MOMpreneur Gift Guide

Baby Poo Drama

The last few weeks have been the kind of crazy only a Mom (and especially a new mom) can understand! *Caution…if you don’t want to read about baby poop please stop now!   So a few weeks ago Joaquin was a little constipated, it’s happened before and it’s tough, really tough to see your little baby try so hard to squeeze out his poop and nothing to show for it. But before I get started let’s rewind to months ago when he first had the problem: my mom and Alex’s mom both told us to put a little corn syrup in his bottle and he’d be good to go, so I did and  it worked! So since then I had been putting a 1/2 tsp  in Read More

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Baby Food Makin’ Carrots Edition

Carrots weren’t planned. I had to buy carrots for a recipe and had a few left over and I thought “why not?”, it’s not that carrots aren’t healthy but they just weren’t “fun”. I wanted to do pears, sweet potatoes…but it happened, I made carrots and my little man loves them. So far I think his preference is 1. Zucchini 2. Carrots 3. Applesauce. I’ve kept applesauce as his 1st solid food feeding of the day so maybe he’s just tired of them and is excited to try something new, I’m not sure but man oh man do I get some smiles when he’s eating zucchini and now that we’ve thrown carrots in it’s almost as if he’s yelling at me during his feeding because Read More

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Halloween Hangover

Not the type of hangover I’m used to but it took me a couple days to recoup after Halloween week! I remember when I was trick or treating age, we got ready the night of Halloween and my Mom drove us around trick or treating. Easy. These days there’s Trunk or Treats just about everywhere, we have to take the kids to see Grandma and Grandpa, multiple Halloween events throughout the week and after all of that you still have to go trick or treating Halloween night. Exhausting.   We started the week off at Still Water Hollow for their annual Harvest Party and wow, so much fun! But one thing I couldn’t figure out…why weren’t there more people there? This event is FREE with any donations going to the Rescue Read More

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Baby Food Makin’ Zucchini

Zucchini was the second food I wanted to introduce to Joaquin, not only because it’s a healthy veggie for baby but my parents always grow so much in their garden and we always have too much sitting around going to waste.     The first batch of zucchini I made was not the best! Two things I did wrong: 1. I peeled the zucchini – don’t do that, you lose so many nutrients and once it’s steamed it purees so well that you don’t have to worry about baby eating any peel 2. I added water. If you are following a recipe and it calls for adding water I strongly suggest you try blending the zucchini on it’s own and adding water later if you want Read More

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Baby Food Makin’

I put it off for as long as I could. I ignored my husbands requests repeatedly. But finally, I gave in, I made Joaquin his first solid food. Why did I wait so long? Why was I so against solids? Well the answer is very simple. I don’t want to rush my baby growing up. I know I know, eating solids doesn’t mean he’s asking for the keys to the car but still, I just want to keep him a baby for as long as possible. We’re here though, I gave in and I’m so glad I did. I knew mid pregnancy that I wanted to do my best to make all of Joaquin’s foods I just didn’t realize how easy it would be. Now Read More

Ultimate MOMpreneur Gift Guide

To Blog or Not To Blog 

The past few years have been a whirlwind! One day I’m facing a lonely life and divorce, the next I’m managing a magazine and attending red carpet events! Fast forward to present day where I’m married to my very own Prince Charming (only much better looking – seriously he’s gorgeous) and oh, there’s a 5 month old baby boy who has taken over as King of the Castle! My social media marketing business has kept me as busy as I’d like but I’ve had a tough time post baby focusing on me. For a new mom (and especially a first time mom) it’s hard to bounce back and find that old swagger you may have had. Suddenly you’re getting little to no sleep at night, Read More