Role Model

Monkey See ?, Monkey Do ?. Why organization is so important to me now, more than ever!

Finding out that I’m having a daughter has really had a strange effect on me. I was NOT expecting to have daughter, for some reason I had it in my head that I was going to have a little army of boys – my very own personal bodyguards! I was already planning all the things my boys would do together, what their rooms would look like, the sports they’d play together…it was just obvious to me, I’d have boys only. But then I heard the ultrasound tech say “It’s a girl” and I was completely floored. It took me a few days to process and probably an entire week to even let myself get excited. But in that week I started thinking “what can I Read More

Ultimate MOMpreneur Gift Guide

To Blog or Not To Blog 

The past few years have been a whirlwind! One day I’m facing a lonely life and divorce, the next I’m managing a magazine and attending red carpet events! Fast forward to present day where I’m married to my very own Prince Charming (only much better looking – seriously he’s gorgeous) and oh, there’s a 5 month old baby boy who has taken over as King of the Castle! My social media marketing business has kept me as busy as I’d like but I’ve had a tough time post baby focusing on me. For a new mom (and especially a first time mom) it’s hard to bounce back and find that old swagger you may have had. Suddenly you’re getting little to no sleep at night, Read More