Big Boy Food

Joaquin is now a year old! Still having a hard time wrapping my mom brain around that lol But it became pretty clear that I needed to start feeding him accordingly. I could tell he was getting tired of pears every morning so I knew I needed to switch things up. The problem was what? We haven’t had the best experience with apples and he definitely has some digestive issues…for a minute I even considered buying him already made food because I just wasn’t sure what to feed him! Alex and I took a trip to the Co-Op at the Village to check out their produce and I meandered over to their baby food section, prepared to convince Alex that we needed to just buy some. After I Read More

Our Late Night Trip To The ER

We made it exactly 11 months without having to make an emergency trip to the ER. Minus the two weeks spent in the NICU and the ongoing constipation issue, Joaquin has been (knock on wood) pretty healthy. We’ve had a few different cases of the cold at home since he was born but nothing affected him. Maybe he built up some immunity while he lived at the NICU for the first two weeks of his life or maybe I’m just that good at disinfecting 🙂 either way, we’ve been lucky. But yesterday we had to do it, we took a family trip to the ER at midnight. My stepson was prepared with his tablet, charger and a book…way to plan ahead! Alex, who had been Read More

Baby Poo Drama

The last few weeks have been the kind of crazy only a Mom (and especially a new mom) can understand! *Caution…if you don’t want to read about baby poop please stop now!   So a few weeks ago Joaquin was a little constipated, it’s happened before and it’s tough, really tough to see your little baby try so hard to squeeze out his poop and nothing to show for it. But before I get started let’s rewind to months ago when he first had the problem: my mom and Alex’s mom both told us to put a little corn syrup in his bottle and he’d be good to go, so I did and  it worked! So since then I had been putting a 1/2 tsp  in Read More