Starting a New Workout Program

Guys, I am SO excited to be starting a new workout program.

Beachbody has been great to me, it taught me so much about fitness and eating healthy. But, it’s time to for me to move on!

When I was looking for a new workout program I knew a couple of things:

  • Had to be home workouts
  • Needed to have some great technology I could follow. I didn’t want PDF’s
  • Exercises need to be at a beginner level but challenge me

I have been following a trainer on Instagram named Kelsey Wells, she’s pretty much #bodygoals 😍 but her workouts require gym equipment and my schedule isn’t gym friendly right now. The app she is a part of has other trainers though, and one of them is VERY well known and offers home workouts! Kayla Itsines! I had heard of Kayla and her BBG workouts but I was never interested but something has changed…ME!

The app, SWEAT, offers multiple training programs, the BBG program, in particular, is great for beginner level and the app is freakin amazing!  It offers clips of each exercise, voice prompts, works with my Apple Watch, and includes meal plans/grocery lists. Winner Winner!

TIme To SWEAT! I start my BBG program on January 14th and am taking part of the SWEAT 12 Week Challenge!

Have you tried BBG or any of the Sweat programs? I’d love to hear your experience!



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