Time For Some Changes

It’s time for some changes.

2018 and some of 2017 was spent in a downward spiral., Working out and growing my business took a backseat. At the end of it I found myself feeling unfulfilled, drained, exhausted and unmotivated! On top of that, I gained quite a few unhealthy pounds.

A lot of that time was spent focusing on my son’s needs, advocating for services and trying to figure out how to manage this new life. This new life that was filled with therapy appointments, starting developmental pre-k, and doing my best to help both of my kiddos adjust. There wasn’t a lot of time for me.

But now, now it’s time for some changes.

Not for resolutions. I’m over those. No. I’m changing my life,  I’m giving myself more time for self-care, focusing more on my health, and finally…taking the leap and growing my business.

I hope you stick around and I hope you enjoy!



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