bbg 1.0 week 1 recap

BBG 1.0 Week 1

BBG 1.0 Week 1 = DONE!

I was so proud of myself at the end of week 1, I couldn’t believe I finished ALL of the BBG 1.0  workouts! Let me tell you about it…

The BBG Workouts

Resistance Workouts

You get 3 Resistance Workouts per week. Legs, Arms & Abs, Total Body. They rock! I didn’t think the exercises were very difficult, I had to do some modifications (during arms & abs) but other than that, I was familiar with most of the exercises. Squats, Jump Squats, Squat & Press, Step Ups, Commandos, Tricep Dips…nothing crazy.

What really got me was the format. You get 2 Cycles. Each cycle has 4 exercises (1 set). You do as many of them as you can in 7 minutes. After that you get a 1-minute break followed by another cycle (same setup – 4 exercises; 7 minutes; 1-minute break) then you repeat each cycle. Sounds simple right? No! Oh my gosh, I was exhausted but also totally pumped and I really wanted to get as many exercises done in those 7 minutes. I averaged a little over 2 sets per cycle but if you are new to working out don’t be upset if you don’t finish 2 sets…you’ll get there!

Cardio Workouts

There are 2 cardio days in the BBG program. Your choice of Low-Intensity Cardio or High-Intensity Cardio I chose one of each. For Low Intensity, I did an indoor walk and for High Intensity, I did one of the Challenges that are included in the app (more on that later..).  I found these easy to get done and I think going forward I’ll continue to choose the High-Intensity Cardio.

BBG 1.0 Week 1 Planner
BBG 1.0 Planner. Just click on the word Planner in your dashboard and it takes you to a suggested calendar for the week! Follow it or choose your own schedule!


Love Love Love the Challenge workouts! There’s quite a variety but the app does assign a different challenge workout for each week (week 1 was Equipment-Free Challenge 1.0). They vary in time. I did one in 21 minutes and another in 10 minutes. The challenges I chose were: 300 Rep Challenge (completed in 12 m 16 s), Equipment-Free Challenge 1.0 (completed in 21 m), and Pyramid Challenge 1.0 (completed in 10 m 12s).


Rest & Recovery are part of the BBG program! There are 3 different Recovery Options where you use a foam roller as well as do some stretching. I did the Full Body and it felt extremely good at the end of a hard week of sweating. On top of that, you get 1 Rest Day…yay!

So 8 workouts total in BBG 1.0. Definitely didn’t know what to expect when I first started but I can honestly say I loved it. It challenged me, I was feeling really competitive against the clock, and they didn’t take too long to get done!

The Bad

Ok, it can’t be perfect right? Here’s my only complaint. The BBG program advertises that the workouts are 28 minutes and that’s true each cycle is 7 minutes and there are 4 of them but you also need to warm up (do your own or they have some you can follow) plus a cooldown (provided for you to follow). You could skip these but I wouldn’t recommend it. So 28 minutes + each 1-minute rest between cycles + warm up & cool down….well it could take you 40 minutes. So keep that in mind when you are scheduling your workouts for the week!

BBG 1.0 Dashboard Week 1
BBG 1.0 Week 1 Complete! Love seeing all of those trophies colored in!


The Sweat App provides you with meal plans, grocery lists, and recipes! So awesome. But…I haven’t used them. I pulled out my old Fixate cookbook from Beachbody and made a lot of yummy food for the week. So how did I do? I gave myself a B- for nutrition. Absolutely better than how I was eating before but I know I can do better. I feel like I really slacked on late breakfast, not enough water, and I gave in to some late night snacking (pistachios & one night I had a cold cut sandwich..eek!) I vow to do better Week 2!

Some positive things with my nutrition: I added Garden of Life Super Seed to my protein shakes. Super Seed gives you 6g of fiber, 6g of protein as well as healthy omega 3 fats. I couldn’t even taste it in my shakes! I also cut the milk out of my shakes using only water and I added frozen kale or fresh spinach! All of that along with a banana & scoop of protein powder left me feeling full and satisfied after my workout!




Super Seed

Garden of Life Super Seed – Vegetarian Whole Food Fiber Supplement with Protein and Omega 3, 7oz (200g) Powder


BBG 1.0 doesn’t require a lot of equipment which is really nice! Some light dumbells, a jump rope, something to step up on, and a bench for tricep dips. Now if you don’t want to purchase any of this there’s an easy fix for each of these:

  • Dumbbells – Use a gallon of milk, no weight at all, or just a couple things that weight the same on each hand.
  • Jump Rope – Jump in place and rotate your hands like you’re actually jumping rope!
  • Step Ups – Use a step stool (that’s what I do!)
  • Bench – Use the floor. Hover over the floor and dip, you’ll still get a burn!

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