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4th of July. BBQ’s, sunshine and FIREWORKS. Sure I used to love fireworks when I was younger, mainly sparklers and smoke bombs, but now I have tiny ones that need to sleep and you know what I else I have….a dog. A dog that suffers from anxiety when there’s a storm and when there are fireworks, well, she’s straight up terrified and stressed! We live right in the middle of it all, just blocks away from the cities big fireworks show and neighbors all around shooting off aerial fireworks well past midnight. So I decided to buy her a Thundershirt.

So let’s get into it.

First, let’s talk about the Fit.

I ordered a Medium because my dog is a medium-sized dog. The medium felt a little snug on her, I was just able to wrap it. Now let me just say, Pepper has probably had fitter days so I would absolutely take a measurement before you order just to be sure!

ThunderShirt Review Side View
Side view of the ThunderShirt. We’ll just call this size, Extra Medium ?

The Quality.

I was really impressed with the material and how well the ThunderShirt was made. It’s durable but flexible enough for her to sleep in it comfortably, definitely not stiff. ¬†That being said, you won’t want your dog wearing this out in rainy weather, it will get soaked. But if your dog is stressed during storms, well she probably won’t be outside anyways right?

ThunderShirt Review Side View
Another View of the ThunderShirt, this is where the shirt velcro’s together.


One big question I had was: Can you leave the ThunderShirt on overnight? Yes, you can. If your dog isn’t used to wearing anything, you will probably want to check on her every couple of hours just to be sure but I left it on Pepper through the night of the 4th with no problems, she’s used to wearing a backpack and lifejacket so this was nothing.

Alright, so did the ThunderShirt work?? I wish I could say yes or no but I can’t. If your dog is like mine and suffers from severe stress (I’m talking panting uncontrollably, trying to escape, pacing, trembling…) and you are expecting to put this on your dog and she enjoys a stress-free night, no it didn’t work. But if you’re like me and just want your dog to have REDUCED stress then YES IT WORKS.


Like I said, our neighbors are up late blowing up fireworks and I’m not talking about bottle rockets and black cats I mean these things are LOUD!! When it started getting dark and the fireworks started going off my dog was freaking out. She had her ThunderShirt on but she was literally standing in the corner of our room panting and trembling with her nose in the corner. I felt absolutely horrible for her. I had the tv on, a fan, and our AC unit was going but it didn’t seem to help. After about 30 minutes, the fireworks were still going on in the neighborhood, the city show was almost over and I decided to get ready for bed. Pepper went over to my husbands side of the bed and slept on the floor, she didn’t wake me up, she didn’t bark, I didn’t hear her panting she was calm. When I woke up at 2 am I was pleasantly surprised that she was sleeping peacefully!


So was it worth the money? Yes. In my opinion, it was money well spent! I will be putting this on her for thunderstorms and for next years 4th of July celebration. If you’re interested in buying one please click on any of the links in this article, I won’t get rich but I do make a little change!


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