What They Don’t Tell You About Having a Baby

What they don't tell you about having a baby.

There’s a lot of things you’re mentally prepared for before bringing your precious bundle of joy into the world and mainly it’s the pain of giving birth. Yes, giving birth is no walk in the park, it hurts! I had an epidural with my first pregnancy but this time it all happened so quickly that I chose to go all natural. And yes, it really does hurt. But there are other things that happen during labor and after giving birth that you may not hear about. So here you go, what they don’t tell you about having a baby:

The bleeding afterward! Holy cow! How do I still have that much blood left?! Where is it coming from? Am I dying?

Tummy Massage. Don’t get it twisted the PAIN of the nurses “massaging” your belly afterward is enough to make you want to put that baby back in and just go through childbirth again. Ouch!!! It hurts so much! For the first two hours after giving birth, your nurse will come in and push down on your belly (every 15 minutes btw!) which will, in turn, cause a crap load of blood to gush out. I know they mean well and they have to do it but I seriously wanted to cut them.

You might go poop. Giving birth is exactly the same kind of push as going poop. Only you’re pushing a human out instead of your lunch. Just go with it. Yes, you feel like you’re going to take a big crap in front of everyone but no one cares. Luckily I didn’t poop it just felt like I was going to but at a certain point I stopped caring and just gave in to the push!

The shakes. Adrenaline can make your entire body shake afterward. It’s horrible…and completely normal. They’ll go away but they suck. I must have asked a million times if these were normal, they were so uncomfortable.

Tired? Too Bad! You’re not getting any rest after your baby is born. You’ll get your one hour of skin to skin time but even that is interrupted by the nurses coming in and out asking questions, pushing your stomach (again, ouch!!) and asking you to fill out paperwork. Then another nurse comes in and starts messing with your baby, hopefully, you have a partner there to keep baby company while your nurses come in to push your belly some more, make you pee and ask you a million questions. Even after all of that, just TRY to sleep. Not only do you have a newborn that has needs but you’re hooked up to an IV that will wake you up for whatever reason and your nurses will be in and out checking your blood (by this time the pushing on your stomach should hurt a lot less) and your babies vitals will need to be checked often. Just know, you aren’t getting ANY rest!

Cramps! Omg! Make it stop I thought the hard part was over after I pushed this little human out? No? I still have hours and hours of cramps and contractions from the Pitocin drip that is helping my uterus go back to its original size?! Well yes, I want my uterus to shrink back down but momma deserves a break don’t ya think? Omg.

But don’t worry all of you soon to be mama’s this too shall pass. I wrote the above just hours after giving birth to my precious baby girl and I’m glad I did because had I waited I wouldn’t have been able to remember most of this! Here I am 7 weeks later and reading this brings back a flood of memories. When I look back at having my princess the things I remember most are my husband exclaiming with such happiness “she has dimples” as they laid my baby girl on my chest for the first time, I remember her nursing for the first time and I remember how tiny she looked in her car seat as we brought her home. But all of the pain, all of the discomfort, the lack of sleep….sure, now that I read about it all over I can recall that I went through all of it but it’s all just vague memories. So yes, be prepared, you’re going to have a hell of a time after you have you your baby but through it all just keep in mind….those aren’t the things you’ll remember.

Welcome to the World Elena
Welcome to the World Elena


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