Pregnancy, Take II

Nap Time

Pregnancy, the 2nd Time Around

Now believe me, I’m no expert – but I did learn a lot about myself, my body and pregnancy the first time around. Specifically, I learned about what I don’t want to do again and what I’d do different if I ever got pregnant again and here’s what I came up with:

Damnit, I’m going to NAP ?

The first time around I felt this huge amount of guilt every time I took it easy and especially when I napped. What the heck was I napping for? I work from home which of course meant I should have the house spotless, dishes done, laundry folded…basically everything taken care of, I didn’t have time for naps! Oh no, not this time baby. You better believe that the second I put Joaquin in his room for his afternoon nap I’m heading to my big comfy bed and putting my phone on airplane mode. Call me, text me….I’ll be taking a nice long guilt free nap.

FOOD…get in my belly

I was so into making sure I was eating healthy during my first pregnancy, all the articles tell you that whatever you eat your baby eats well guess what little baby get ready to eat pizza ? and cheeseburgers ? because I’m eating whatever the hell I want! That is, as soon as my body welcomes food without being grossed out…I feel like the time is close.

I’m working out ??

I wasn’t working out regularly when I found out I was pregnant with Joaquin so I wasn’t really into working out. I probably worked out 3 times total before I was put on bed rest but nope, not this time. It took me a LONG time for my body to bounce back and for me to find the motivation to get healthy again so this time I’m working out. Of course I’ll be listening to my body, I won’t be trying to break any PR’s or run any marathons but as long as my doctor is okay with it and my body is up to it I’m pressing play and letting my awesome trainer, Autumn Calabrese, show me the way!

No Inducing ?

Nope. Not going to do it. Unless there is a medical necessity meaning my baby or I am in danger, not inducing. This baby is coming when it’s ready! I’m not saying Joaquin spent 2 weeks in the NICU because we induced, for all I know he could have had the same problems had he been full term but guess what, I’ll always wonder if we could have avoided that. I don’t care if I have to go in every day for a non-stress test, hell send me home hooked up to a machine or keep me in the hospital but I’m letting this baby make its appearance when it’s ready!

I’m saying NO to drugs ?

Ok not all drugs I might scream for an epidural but no way am I doing pain meds during labor. I felt like I was on a whole other planet or having an outer body experience and they made me throw up. No pain meds…epidural maybe but no pain meds! Ick.

Gimme the Coffee ☕️

Judge away! My doctor told me I could have 1-2 cups of coffee a day and guess what I’m doing it. It was so easy to give up coffee during my first pregnancy because it literally made me sick to my stomach but this time around, not so easy. I only have 1 cup about 3 times a week so I’m still not maxing out but yes this time I’m not staying away from liquid gold.

I’m welcoming HELP ??

No I’m not going to be a martyr this time around and act like I can do everything myself or feel guilty for not doing everything myself. If you come over to my house, get familiar with my dishwasher, be ready to change some diapers and yes dear husband I’m setting up reminders on your phone to clean the cat litter. This time, when my Mom asks if she can come over to help me out I am going to say “yes please!”, seriously I was on bed rest and had so much guilt when my mom would come over and clean my house…what the heck was I thinking?! Of course I’ll still be grateful and thank her a million times and tell her how amazing she is but this time I will be full of gratitude and not have that mixed in with guilt.

Manis, Pedis, Massages…oh my ??

Yup, I’m pampering myself. I’m not dropping hints to the hubs (who’s really horrible with that type of thing anyways) I’m just treating my self! I’ll give him a thank you card with my receipts 😀

I think one thing we can (and should) all agree on is that pregnancy is a journey, a very important journey and putting yourself first, making yourself a priority is not only important (and UNSELFISH) but come on…your body is literally making a human being YOU DESERVE TO PUT YOURSELF FIRST!

So…did you do things differently with your second pregnancy or are there things you wish you did differently with your first pregnancy? I’d love to hear about it!



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