You might have noticed (well hopefully you did) that I took a little social media hiatus for the past couple of months. Well I have a good reason. Not only did I take a break from social media but I also took a break from working out and following an eating plan. Why? Well if you haven’t already heard…I’m pregnant! Yup! Bun in the oven. Knocked up. Now that reason alone is not an excuse for not working out and eating well and what does that have to do with social media? Well let me explain.

The last week of June I wasn’t feeling well at all, I had worked out pretty hard one Saturday (double workout with pre & post workout, Shakeology & BIG mistake – very little food intake before all of that) so even on the following day, Sunday, I was feeling horrible. I was shaking, my stomach felt horrible, I had a headache and I was so weak. I thought for sure it was because I had done too much and not eaten nearly enough. I started feeling better on Monday but I was still weak and TIRED. the entire rest of the week my body just couldn’t work out and I was taking naps in the afternoon, which is very unlike me. Thursday came along and I was telling my sister how I had been feeling, she said “just listen to your body, you probably just need a break” but for the first time it got me thinking “could I be pregnant?”, we had been hoping and trying for another baby so it wasn’t impossible but I had just taken a pregnancy test about two weeks before and it was negative…but could I be? I quickly checked my calendar and I was 4 days late, but that happens. Well I still had a pregnancy test in the bathroom so the next morning (July 1st) I took it and what do you know…positive! Well that explained a lot!


So of course I was happy, relieved and wanted to tell the world but I knew it had to be really early on. Because of the problems with my first pregnancy I wanted to get into the doctor as soon as I could and find out my due date so I scheduled an appointment with my specialist for the following week (the 6th). At that appointment I found out I was only 6 weeks pregnant (talk about early!) and I also talked to the specialist about the plan moving forward and specifically I talked to him about working out. To make a long story short he took me completely off of a workout program, he said I needed to be eating 2800-3000 calories a day (holy crap!) and the only exercise I could do was light walking. What?! Well I didn’t agree with what he was saying, I had been actively working out up to a couple weeks prior to this appointment and why did I need to eat sooooo much?! I decided to go back to my original OB (the one I saw through most of my first pregnancy before I was transferred to the specialist) but that appointment was going to be for another month so what to do in the meantime?

6 weeks pregnant, look at that little cutie!
6 weeks pregnant, look at that little cute blob

Well as pregnancy goes things have been unexpected. With my first pregnancy I was really tired but other than that I didn’t really have too many other issues. Well not so much this time around. Even though it was early I was having trouble eating, everything sounded gross, everything smelled disgusting even my favorite cheat meals (like pizza!) sounded horrible. So I ate what I could and snacked on a lot of crackers and bread. And then there was the exhaustion. I was SO tired, in fact I’m still tired. I could wake up from a full nights sleep and go back to sleep an hour later and then take a nap in the afternoon! It’s been ridiculous. So working out and eating well haven’t been a priority to me. I haven’t had the energy to workout and I eat whatever my body will let me, whenever it lets me.

Finally I had my appointment with my doctor and I talked to her about what the specialist said and my concerns with that (how was little ol me supposed to eat 3,000 calories unless I was eating junk all day?!) luckily she understood. She told me to stop counting calories, I’m pregnant, eat what you can and what you want when you want it. We also talked about following a fitness program. Luckily she was familiar with 21 Day Fix and other Beachbody programs. I had initially planned on moving up to Body Beast on July 5th but once I found out I was pregnant and feeling the way I was feeling I didn’t feel comfortable starting a new program (nor did I feel well enough to workout!). After we discussed, we came up with a plan and I’m happy to say I’ll be starting 21 Day Fix again next Monday! Right now I’m in no place to stick to a meal plan, my cravings are all over the place and I’m just going to eat what my body wants. If and when my body starts feeling more normal then I’ll definitely try to work the meal plan back in but for now I’m just focusing on getting food down!

All of that explains my break from working out and eating plans but why the break from social media? Well as you might guess all I’ve wanted to talk about is this pregnancy! And since I wanted to wait until the first trimeter was over to make an official announcement I really just had to keep my mouth shut lol! But now it’s out there and I can post away!

6 Weeks Prega
Big brother Joaquin!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you and I hope you stick around to hear all about my adventures in pregnancy!



2 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. Venessa says:

    Hello Jessica..
    I noticed I didn’t see you doing your workouts and posting as usual. I thought to myself.. I wonder why I haven’t seen Jessica?! Then when you came out and revealed your surprise, I said to myself, That’s why she hasn’t been on! Haha It all made sense.
    Just thought I’d stop by, I enjoy following you. You take care and take it easy. I know every pregnancy is different, so for sure listen to your body. You know how time flies by, before you know it, he/she will be here soon. Congrats once again!?

    • Thanks Venessa! I’m glad to finally be able to talk about it and get back to working out! I just did a workout today actually, felt good to get back at it but I can definitely tell I took 6 or 7 weeks off lol I’m definitely going to enjoy this pregnancy and share a lot more than last time! Take care and thank you for visiting my site, I have some posts in the works so I hope you enjoy them! ?

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