Refresh Day 1

Almost bedtime on Day 1 of my 3 Day Refresh! The idea of a cleanse didn’t sound too appealing, I wasn’t too excited about no coffee for even 1 day and no eating?! I was excited to see when I opened up my 3 Day Refresh package that there were several dinner options to choose from and it seemed like I would be eating pretty often. Check out my YouTube video on what exactly comes with the 3 Day Refresh and learn more about the meal options!


So how did Day 1 go? Well, I had a hard time keeping up with the food intake I got a late start to having my first shake so it threw me off for the rest of the day. Another thing I found difficult was the water consumption, but I have this issue all the time! I was shooting for 64 ounces of water today and only made it to 48. Other than that, the program was really easy to follow and the program guide does a great job at making this simple for you.


Just to recap you get 4 shakes/day. 1 Shakeology, 1 Fiber Sweep (I added some lemon juice) and 2 Vanilla Fresh. I opted for the Greenberry Shakeology and I loved it! The Vanilla Fresh shakes were also tasty and the Fiber Sweep was…well it was a fiber drink! The taste itself wasn’t bad but I may not have shaken it properly because the texture was a little gritty for me.


The food! The food was yummy! For lunch I had the Vanilla Fresh shake with strawberries as well as extra strawberries and carrots which I dipped in mashed avocado. The carrots and avocado were also my afternoon snack. Dinner was delicious, I went with the Cucumber Salad and vegetable broth with fresh parsley – I also had my final shake Vanilla Fresh. Going into this I thought I’d be starving by the end of the day but I actually struggled to finish my salad.


So overall how did I feel? Well, without my daily coffee I did have a slight headache early afternoon and I had a hard time not pouring myself a cup. I haven’t had a ton of annoying trips to the bathroom so all is well on that front but I do feel slightly bloated. I have an annoying little pain in my lower right side of my stomach, which I’m guessing is probably normal with my system getting cleaned out, it’s nothing unbearable and I’m not too concerned about it. My energy level was a little low in the afternoon, it picked up after my mid afternoon snack and I didn’t work out today, not because I didn’t have the energy but really because I was busy with the baby in the morning and then spent the afternoon with my hubby so I wasn’t home.


I’m pretty excited about this cleanse, day 1 is not what I expected; I’m going to bed with a full belly and I’m motivated to meet my water intake tomorrow!


Let me know if you have any questions about the 3 Day Refresh, I’d love to chat with you about it!




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