My Body Beast Meal Plan

Let me start off by saying this is not an official meal plan of Body Beast. I’m excited to start the 12 Week Body Beast program but the eating plan looked like too much work and too much food! So this is a custom Body Beast Meal Plan I came up with, my calorie level has gone up so using the 21 Day Fix portion control containers I’m going to add an additional Green, Red and Yellow container to my current plan. I’m also going to give myself some room to add another Purple but I have a hard time reaching 2 purple containers so I’m trying to be realistic.

So this is what my chart looks like

  • 4 Green
  • 2 Purple
  • 5 Red
  • 3 Yellow
  • 1 Blue
  • 1 Orange
  • 64 oz of water

As I’m mapping out my menu for the day I can already see that this is going to be challenge, to make this work I’m adding in an additional meal. I was eating 5 meals/day now I’ll be at 6.

Meal 1: 8 oz of water, 1 Protein Waffle + 1 tsp pure maple syrup. 1 scoop of Beachbody Performance Energize + 8 oz of water

1 Yellow + 1 tsp

Meal 2: 8 oz of water. 1 scoop of Beachbody Performance Recover + 8 oz of water. 1 Egg, 2 slices of turkey bacon. 1 Protein Waffle.

1 Red, 1 Yellow

Meal 3: 8 oz of water. Shakeology + 1 Fruit option. Side of strawberries

1 Red, 2 Purple

Meal 4: 8 oz of water. Alternate Protein: Turkey Meatballs (3) or Grilled Chicken, Veggies, Black bean/corn/quinoa

1 Red, 1 Yellow, 1 Green

Meal 5: 8 oz of water. Alternate or Mix: Cherry Tomatoes, Sliced Cucumbers, Baby Carrots + Hummus

1 Green, 1 Blue

Meal 6: 8 oz of water. Power Green Salad with mix and match protein: crumbled turkey bacon, chicken or hardboiled egg; cherry tomatoes, cucumbers. Homemade dressing. Chicken broth (1 cup) with fresh basil or parsley (1/4 cup)

2 Green, 2 Red, 1 Orange

8 oz of water during workout (or more!)

another 8 oz of water throughout the day

Tomorrow is grocery shopping and Saturday is meal prepping! Sunday is Day 1!! Time to Beast Up!

Pics to come,



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