Why You Can’t Have It All

Let’s just be real here. You can’t have it all. You see that mom on tv that has breakfast with her family in the morning (full makeup and dressed for the day), goes off to work, comes home to a clean house, makes a yummy homemade dinner (in her heels probably) then goes to bed at a decent hour with her husband where they sit and talk about their day….my eyes are rolling just thinking about it.


You can’t have that life. It’s just not possible. Sure you DO in fact have the same hours in the day as Beyonce as that stupid meme will tell you but what it fails to tell you is that you DON’T have a personal stylist, someone to come over and do your hair, a producer, a maid, nanny(s), trainer, chef, personal assistants….you get the idea. You’re only one person. You can’t possibly do it all. Sure you can be successful at your job, you can be a loving wife, raise great kids, keep your house clean…but something will always get neglected. Your version of a homemade dinner might be a frozen pizza, you probably let your kids watch way too much tv, you might stay in your pajamas all day or you might be missing out on your babies first words because you have a job! Why is there so much pressure on women to have it all? It’s just not fair.


I try daily to have it all, but I always fail. I don’t get enough work done, I don’t make the time to workout, I don’t eat well, I don’t play with my baby enough, my dog doesn’t get walked. I only have so much energy and when you live with some messy dudes, keeping the house clean is more work than it’s worth! So what’s my point…my point is we all need to get over it! Realize you aren’t that perfect wife and mom that they show on tv, you’re not! You’re something else, you’re BETTER! Because you are the glue that holds your family together, your frozen pizza is the best pizza ever, your kisses make your baby smile. So while your house may be a mess, you yourself may be a mess, or you are so exhausted at the end of the day that you sit in silence and darkness (with a glass of wine of course) to blog…you are perfect because you are you. No one can replace you. Your family loves you and appreciates you – even if they don’t say thank you for the millions of things you do daily. And so…depending on your interpretation of “having it all” maybe you already have it…




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