Our Late Night Trip To The ER

We made it exactly 11 months without having to make an emergency trip to the ER. Minus the two weeks spent in the NICU and the ongoing constipation issue, Joaquin has been (knock on wood) pretty healthy. We’ve had a few different cases of the cold at home since he was born but nothing affected him. Maybe he built up some immunity while he lived at the NICU for the first two weeks of his life or maybe I’m just that good at disinfecting 🙂 either way, we’ve been lucky. But yesterday we had to do it, we took a family trip to the ER at midnight. My stepson was prepared with his tablet, charger and a book…way to plan ahead! Alex, who had been woken up by a freaked out me, rose to the occasion, kept me calm and had the car ready and baby situated in no time. Me? Well I was just worried. Typical mom.


So why? Well at 6 pm earlier that day Joaquin woke up from his nap and was screaming, usually he just wakes up calmly and talks to himself plays with this toys until I go in and get him (I know I know, I’m lucky!) but he was screaming and I was in the middle of something so I thought I’d just finish up before I grabbed him, I mean what could be wrong? Nothing!! But then I hear what sounded like choking so I turned into Speedy Gonzalez and zoomed in, my poor baby. What a horrible mom I felt like. He had vomit all over him. All over his cute little face, down his neck, in his eyes. Ugh. I felt horrible. I called Alex, freaking out (per the norm) and he basically told me to calm down and he was on his way home. By the time he got here, I had the baby bathed and calm. He still wasn’t acting quite normal and now, thanks to the vomit coming out of his nose, his nose sounded all stuffy and although I tried and tried I couldn’t get anything out. We decided we all needed to get out of the house and took a little family trip to the library and then to grab some burgers (my stomach hates me today for that dinner choice!) it was a pretty uneventful night, no more vomiting but he was having a hard time going down for bed which isn’t completely unusual. He finally went to sleep around 10 pm, yay!


Cut to around 11:45 and he wakes up crying, not screaming just kind of yelling. When I go in he really starts crying and as I’m trying to rock him back to sleep, here comes the vomit. But this time it was different. This time the vomit came with this scary sound coming from his chest and his eyes rolled back in his head. Oh hell no. I ran him over to Alex and we spent about 15 minutes trying to calm him down. Then, it happens again. This time Alex jumps out of bed with him and suggests we take him in.


After about two hours in the ER and chest X-Rays the doctor sends us home with an all clear. No obstruction in his lungs, no fluid, chest X-Rays are clear! Thank God! The verdict, he may have choked on his vomit, he may have been blocking the vomit out of his lungs…not sure which but either way he was ok!



We headed home and Alex managed to get about 3 hours of sleep before having to get up for work, my stepson who was passing out at the hospital grabbed his headphones and started playing on his tablet (really?! lol!), Joaquin was sleeping comfortably in his bed and me? Well I got up again with him when he woke up screaming at 3:30 and after he didn’t fall back to sleep right away I just decided to bring him to bed with us where he fell back to sleep immediately but which also meant that I couldn’t sleep because I just can’t sleep with him in our bed, I’m too worried about squishing him. So a few hours of sleep for me, but not a very good few hours.


Today, the house is a mess, I’m exhausted, I haven’t showered, I haven’t gotten any work in…but who cares. My baby boy is ok and that’s all that matters!


How old was your baby was the first time you had to rush him/her to the ER?





2 thoughts on “Our Late Night Trip To The ER

  1. Mel says:

    So glad my boy is feeling better! Well my Mak was kinda perfect so I don’t think we took her in her first year at all. My Mya…well how about I count the time we DIDN’T take her to the ER? My poor baby!! 🙁

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