Bye Bye Baby Weight

Peeps, I’m not about weight loss. I really am not! I’m a firm believer in measuring results by how you feel, how you look in the mirror, how your clothes fit, are you getting stronger and do you have more energy. Now with that being said…I AM going to celebrate the fact that as of Sunday I am 7 lbs below my PRE PREGNANCY weight…yes you read that correctly. I weigh 7 lbs LESS than what I weighed before I got pregnant! Now if I’m not into checking the scale why am I celebrating this? Well because guys, I’ve been working hard at this and it just goes to show that this program is working for me!! How exciting! I’m eating more food than I ever have and I lost weight! How crazy is that!

For a long time I didn’t feel like I was every going to see any progress. My body was just not as strong as it used to be, weights were heavier than I remembered, my core was weak and my mind had almost given up. I had to finally make the decision to do something about it, complaining about my body was not going to get me results. I needed a healthier lifestyle and for me, that meant starting the 21 Day Fix program and drinking Shakeology. My first week doing the 21 Day Fix program I really felt bad about myself, how was this so hard for me? But I stuck with it and admittedly I haven’t been giving it 100% but now I’m wondering, what if I did? What if I really stuck to my meal plan and didn’t cheat, what if I pushed myself harder than ever on my workouts. What if? My goal wasn’t to lose weight, muscle weighs more than fat so my goal is to be lean, toned and most importantly feel good about my body; but saying goodbye to the baby weight feels damn good.

April 4th I start a new journey. My first ever fitness contest! I’m looking forward to challenging myself and seeing what my results are! And if you want to join me, just let me know!




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