DIY Pallet Bookshelf

When I was pregnant and thinking about the nursery I just knew I needed a bookcase or bookshelf! I love reading and I definitely wanted to share that with Joaquin. So I searched Pinterest and came across a bookshelf made from a pallet. I instantly loved it. It was perfect for the look I was going for and wouldn’t take up floor space. So I tasked my hubby with finding a pallet, as always when I told him what it was for he just kinda looked at me and said “ooohkay” ツ.  This project was super easy and I absolutely loved the final product!


What you need:

  • A pallet
  • A saw for cutting
  • Screws & Drill
  • Sanding paper
  • Stain
  • Rags or brush for staining
  • Studfinder

Alex cut the pallet into two pieces, he used some of what was leftover for the bottom of the bookshelf so the books didn’t fall through.


Save the extra strips of wood for the bottom of the bookshelf!
Save the extra strips of wood for the bottom of the bookshelf!


After you cut the pallet, nail or screw the extra strips of wood onto the bottom of the bookshelf. You should now have two pieces that look like this:

Bookshelfs with extra strips of wood from the bottom nailed to the bottom.
Bookshelfs with extra strips of wood from the pallet nailed to the bottom.


Now it’s time to sand! You can use a power sander for super smooth surface if you’d like. I wanted it to still have that rough rustic look so I just used sand paper.


After you’re done sanding, it’s time to paint or stain! Get fun with it or go simple, whatever you want! I chose a dark wood stain and used rags to apply. It took me about two coats of stain to get it right.


finished product


To hang the bookshelf we used some heavy duty screws and screwed in directly to the studs. How we were going to hang this was super important to me because I knew I wanted to give Joaquin my Harry Potter collection and those are not light! In fact, after  we hung these up and put the books in Alex had to go back and add a heavy duty screw to the bottom of the bookshelf holding the Harry Potter collection. If you aren’t going to put heavy books in there this might not be as important to you and you can find an alternative way to secure them to the wall.


This project was so fun and easy, the only time consuming thing about this was getting Alex to hang them up! I swear they were in the hallway for about two months lol!


If I left anything out please leave me a comment and let me know! Also, if you liked this please feel free to Pin it to your board – let me know you did so I can give it a Like! ツ






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