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Who doesn’t love To-Do lists?

Who doesn’t love using your phone for To-Do Lists? ….ME!

Who doesn’t love brainstorming on their phone or tablet? ….ME!


I think you’re getting the point here. I love being organized, I love To-Do lists, I love when the light bulb goes off and I have an amazing idea; but I’m really sick of using my phone to record all of that. I tried, I really did, I’ve downloaded countless apps: Evernote, Wunderlust, Life Balance…I even bought a moleskin notebook that can be used with Evernote, and although I love that notebook and use it constantly I never scan the pages into Evernote. It’s just too much. I went back to using a regular notebook but I’d forget where I left it, it was kinda bulky and I couldn’t take that to meetings I’d look like a middle schooler trying to run a business. But enough blabbing, you get the point right? I wanted something to do it all and by chance I saw a Facebook post about the Start Planner.

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The Start Planner post I saw was a video, I usually just scroll past most videos but this one looked different. I saw a messy desk with papers all over the place and I thought, that’s my life…Crap everywhere! I kept watching and I’m glad I did. The things that stood out to me was that this was no ordinary planner that you can buy at Target or Office Depot, this planner not only looked stylish – but it also looked professional! The Start Planner was also not just a calendar; my favorite thing about it was it had sections for all the things a busy mompreneur like me needs to track: goals, personal finances, business finances, monthly groceries, weekly groceries, party planning, vacation planning and holiday planning! As if they didn’t already have me sold I saw a section for Health! It’s like they created this planner with my 2016 in mind, how’d they know? At the beginning of each month you have a “Health Check” section, how awesome! Every day you have a spot to check off your workout, track your water intake and whether you took your supplements and I love the daily layout; it has a to do list, dinner section, ideas section and a place to recap your day.

startplanner2 wm

Of course I bought this planner, how could I not? I’m not only a busy mom but I also run my own at home business and recently took the plunge to join Beachbody as a coach…organization is not something I could skimp on this year. Last I heard they were almost sold out of their gray 2016 planner (which is the one that I got) so if you’re in the market for a planner check them out here!


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Happy Planning,


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  1. I just purchased Start Planner and it came today. I like a lot of things about it, but I’m worried about the bulk and the weight. I would want to carry it in my purse, and I feel like it’s going to weight me down. What have you found? Do you bring yours with you or leave it at home? I’m not even sure the return policy on it. I will have to check. Would love your feedback.

    • Hi! Thanks for the visit and comment. I do not carry a purse so I unfortunately can’t give you my experience with that. When I go to business meetings I carry my laptop bag and now my Start Planner and that works well for me. I plan on taking it with me to grocery shop this weekend, so that will be a better test on how easy it is to handle. So far I haven’t had any issues with the size of it. In 2015 I used a large calendar (8×10) that fit into my laptop bag but the calendar didn’t have all of the great features the Start Planner has. I would definitely check on the return policy and maybe before you use it, try it on a test run in your purse and maybe leave it in the little sack it comes in so it doesn’t get scratched? I can tell you that since I started using it my productivity has gone way up! Let me know what you decide and thanks again for the visit!

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