Cleaning your HE Washing Machine DIY

Gah! I couldn’t take it anymore! I’ve never had a HE washing machine to take care of so I’m not up on the tablets you have to use. I keep meaning to buy them when I’m at the store but I somehow always leave without them. There has to be a way to clean these machines without them right? Hello Pinterest!


Pinterest gave me some great ideas for DIY cleaning. I decided to go with the white vinegar and baking soda combo that I came across, mainly because I just bought Costco sized vinegar!


DIY Washing Machine Cleaner


This is seriously so simple though, you just have to try it! The pin I saw said 2 cups of white vinegar, I probably used a little more. I filled up all 3 compartments in the washer, poured some in the basin and also poured some under the flap in the washing machine (you know the place all the socks, army guys and other misc toys end up); I set my washer to the Clean Washer setting and let it do it’s thing! Afterwards I sprinkled about 1/4 cup of baking soda in the basin and ran as a regular hot wash…*claps hands* yay a clean washer! No more yucky smell and I didn’t even have to put on regular clothes and go to the store to pick up tablets!


Do you have any DIY tips for cleaning your washing machine?




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