Halloween Hangover

Not the type of hangover I’m used to but it took me a couple days to recoup after Halloween week! I remember when I was trick or treating age, we got ready the night of Halloween and my Mom drove us around trick or treating. Easy. These days there’s Trunk or Treats just about everywhere, we have to take the kids to see Grandma and Grandpa, multiple Halloween events throughout the week and after all of that you still have to go trick or treating Halloween night. Exhausting.


We started the week off at Still Water Hollow for their annual Harvest Party and wow, so much fun! But one thing I couldn’t figure out…why weren’t there more people there? This event is FREE with any donations going to the Rescue Mission (they suggested only $3/person). The harvest party had live music, dancing, food – chicken tortilla soup & chili, hot apple cider, hay rides and paddle boating. Joaquin enjoyed his first hay ride and my stepson Alex III had a blast on the paddle boats. This is definitely an event we will go to again next year!

Joa's first hay ride
Joa’s first hay ride

Next up was Thursday night Trunk or Treat at Meridian City Hall. Joaquin was not a fan! It was chilly and he hated his costume! But Alex III had an awesome time and we loved the safe environment just walking distance from our house.

Daddy was loving it
Daddy was loving it


Friday night was FUN we trick or treated over at HP with my sister then headed to the Village for “Villains at the Village” I knew Alex III would get a kick out of seeing villains up close and personal and I kept Joaquin nice and warm inside Yardhouse. Don’t you just love the Village?


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Finally, it was Halloween! And I couldn’t wait for it to be all over!! Alex had to work so I packed up the kids in the afternoon and we drove out to Wilder to trick or treat at Grandma’s & Grandpa’s, the turkey dinner was worth the drive and really it was a little break for me because Grandma and Grandpa just want to take turns playing with Joaquin. But it started to get dark and it was time to drive to Boise and trick or treat! Joaquin lasted about 15 minutes in the stroller and then he was done. Really done.  I had to turn around mid trick or treating and head back to the house and Auntie Jo took over and finished off Halloween with Alex III. Again…he had a blast, and really that’s all that matters. It’s fun helping kids make great memories and creating new traditions, I’m glad we made it to all of these events and I’m so thankful that we live in such a great community that provides entertaining and safe events for families!


But now….I’m ready for Christmas!




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