The 2018 Start Planner Hustle Weekly

How excited was I to get my 2018 Start Planner? Well, very. ?I knew I wanted to do another unboxing and that meant waiting for the perfect opportunity to record it, this proved to be a little difficult with two little ones ??. A week later I was able to do it, and it was worth the wait! {{affiliate links included in this blog post, read my Disclosure Page Here.}} The Packaging Start Planner sure knows how to package their product! No detail is left untouched. Welcoming messages lined the box that it arrived in and it really helps add to the excitement.   All the Goodies I treated myself this year and bought a few goodies. I wouldn’t want my gorgeous planner getting all lonely ya Read More

Wheel to Walk

As most of you know, my son Joaquin has some developmental delays – mainly gross motor delay.  A few months ago Joaquin’s physical therapist suggested some medical equipment to help get him mobile.  I was all for it! The process of getting the equipment wasn’t quite as easy as I’d hoped. We found the right piece of equipment, a Rifton Pacer Gait Trainer, but got some disappointing news from our insurance. Yes, medical equipment was covered but only AFTER we met the deductible and after that 80/20. Our high deductible ($2,000)  was basically the price of the gait trainer! We couldn’t believe it! We’re a one-income family of 5 and Joaquin’s medical bills have been piling high, we really didn’t know what to do. Joaquin’s occupational Read More

Recovering From a Break

Sometimes you just need to press pause on an aspect of your life and take a break, that’s OK! But how do you recover? How do you get back into a routine when you’ve been out of one for so long? Well, it’s simple! You do the work and take it day by day! Recovering From a Break Step 1: Make a short-term and long-term plan. Took a break from working out? Start a new program but plan it week by week. Don’t overwhelm yourself with looking past week 1 and into week 6. Step 2: Prepare. Haven’t posted a blog in a while? Write out a few blogs and keep them in your drafts so you’re prepared and working ahead! Step 3: DO! Dive back in! Read More

Healthy Lactation Cookies

All of us nursing mamas know that supply is everything! Some of us (gasp) want to get in shape and lose the baby weight but it can be a struggle to maintain supply while doing that. I was having a little trouble with supply and I started looking up ways to increase it. Lactation Cookies kept popping up but one thing I noticed was that I couldn’t find any healthy lactation cookies recipes. I tried a recipe that I loved, I played with it a bit and I adjusted it to make me feel better about incorporating them into my diet. Are they extremely healthy? Well, no. But they are healthier than what I was making and I think they are a good start! **affiliate links Read More

The Easiest Way To Cook Sweet Potatoes ?

Look no further! This is THE easiest way to cook sweet potatoes! Are you like me and you know how healthy sweet potatoes are for you but you hate cooking them? Really, I hate cooking them. Typically I would go the way of baking, that seems to be what has worked best for me but holy cow it’s so hot outside I do not want the oven on right now! The new meal plan I’m following called for mashed sweet potatoes and yes, I’ve made mashed them before but I am just too busy to cook right now not to mention they are pretty noisy to chop and I’ve usually got babies sleeping.  So in came my handy dandy crock pot and let me tell Read More

ThunderShirt Review

** My official ThunderShirt Review and does contain affiliate links. 4th of July. BBQ’s, sunshine and FIREWORKS. Sure I used to love fireworks when I was younger, mainly sparklers and smoke bombs, but now I have tiny ones that need to sleep and you know what I else I have….a dog. A dog that suffers from anxiety when there’s a storm and when there are fireworks, well, she’s straight up terrified and stressed! We live right in the middle of it all, just blocks away from the cities big fireworks show and neighbors all around shooting off aerial fireworks well past midnight. So I decided to buy her a Thundershirt. So let’s get into it. First, let’s talk about the Fit. I ordered a Medium Read More

Cloud Bread Recipe

The minute I heard about it I knew I had to try it – Cloud Bread  ☁️? ! This bread substitute sounded too good to be true, zero carb bread?! What!?!?! I’m going to keep this short and sweet, this isn’t going to be a Pinterest worthy post lol I just want to share my experience and this super easy recipe…and let’s be honest one of my kids is going to start crying in like 2 minutes. #momlife ?? {{affiliate links can be found in this article}} First – Preheat your oven to 300 degrees Cloud Bread Recipe Ingredients: 3 Eggs 3 Tbsp Cream Cheese 1/4 Tsp Cream of Tarter (find this in the spices section…I had no idea where to look lol) So here’s Read More

What They Don’t Tell You About Having a Baby

There’s a lot of things you’re mentally prepared for before bringing your precious bundle of joy into the world and mainly it’s the pain of giving birth. Yes, giving birth is no walk in the park, it hurts! I had an epidural with my first pregnancy but this time it all happened so quickly that I chose to go all natural. And yes, it really does hurt. But there are other things that happen during labor and after giving birth that you may not hear about. So here you go, what they don’t tell you about having a baby: The bleeding afterward! Holy cow! How do I still have that much blood left?! Where is it coming from? Am I dying? Tummy Massage. Don’t get it Read More

Some Grace at 38 Weeks Pregnant

As you may have guessed I’m pretty tired right now and things are getting very awkward. Dilated to 5 and baby girl is extra low which is really no fun at all. On top of things being physically hard, I’ve also been really hard on myself this last week or so, more than I usually am. I’m in full nesting mode without the ability to actual “nest” my house is cluttered and unorganized and things are just too bulky for me to move around. It’s frustrating. I want to do it all, I want it all done yesterday and I just can’t. Plain and simple, I can’t. In this type of situation I would normally just call my mom and she’d have everything taken care Read More

Dilated at 35 Weeks, this is not a drill ?

I had a routine checkup today with my doctor and while I was there also had my Group B Strep Test, my doctor asked if I’d like to go ahead and have my cervix examined. Sure, why not? Come to find out I’m dilated at 3 cm ? wait, what? What does that mean? My doctor said it basically meant that I was off to a good start and if I have signs of labor “just head on over to labor and delivery”. Oh my gosh. This is not a drill. I’m not ready! I’ll admit I panicked quite a bit right away, I mean we are still 5 weeks away, I’m supposed to have more time! After the hubby and I went to lunch and Read More